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Helpful insurance tips for the new year ahead

The New Year is a great time to review and reflect on the things that happened the previous year.

Often we make New Year resolutions to help combat a problem, like eating healthy or going to the gym more. We all think about our personal lives, but do we take time to reflect on the health of our businesses or organizations?

With each New Year, we suggest you take the time to review all of your insurance policies and organization needs.

Has anything changed? This is an important question to ask, and one that could help save you money now and in the future. We want to help you to ensure your mission, vision and hard work are protected, as well as your board, staff, and volunteers.


At Antalek and Moore, we offer commercial insurance policies that meet the needs of the many different businesses and organizations in our community. This month, we want to focus on Nonprofit Insurance.  Check back later this month to read about the important components all nonprofits should consider when assessing and finalizing their coverage needs. We will discuss general liability insurance, in addition to some specific coverages your organization should consider, like Directors and Officers Insurance (D&O), Professional Liability Insurance and Cyber Liability Insurance. So, get your notebooks and pens ready!


We are happy to hop on a quick call and review our options with you