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What Does Your Homeowners Insurance Cover?

As with most things in life, it is best to be prepared for life’s what-ifs.

But, let’s face it, none of us want to think about all the things that could go wrong, especially with the people and things we value most (like your loved ones and that home you work so hard to afford). Your home is one of your largest investments. It’s where you spend time with family and friends making memories. Of course, you want to protect it. While you can’t control outside forces and events, you can control what happens in the aftermath.


The Basics

A Homeowners Insurance Policy provides financial protection for your home and the personal property inside it. Working with one of our agents to get you the right coverage will help you feel secure in knowing no matter what happens, you’ve planned for the future.


What is included?

  • The Structure – Your Home
    • This covers damages to your home from fire, some weather, explosions, and theft. Generally speaking, this does not cover damage from floods, earthquakes or general wear and tear. This coverage may extend to other structures on your property but not attached to the home, like a shed, garage or fence.
  • Your Personal Belongings
    • Coverage of your belongings in the home (or on the go) like electronics, clothing, jewelry, and furniture. For a covered loss, you can receive replacement value for the items damaged or stolen.
  • Liability Protection
    • Covers you and your family members against lawsuits involving injury or property damage. It also covers you if you cause damage to someone else’s property.
  • Additional Living Expenses
    • Help pay to relocate you if you have to leave your home temporarily due to a covered loss, including hotel bills and meal expenses.


The Costs

Homeowners Insurance costs range from state to state. Your coverage amount, the age of your home, credit history and deductible amount all factor into the cost of your policy. There are cost-saving options and increased coverage policies too. It is best to speak to a licensed agent when figuring out the best policy for your needs.


At Antalek and Moore, we are here to help you protect your home and your family. We offer complimentary quotes to ensure that you have the right coverage for your home as well as many other important pieces of your life. Give us a call today to schedule a time to sit with one of our agents.


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