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What is Manufacturers Insurance and Do I Need it?

When thinking of insurance the average person thinks of fire, wind, liability, workers compensation and auto insurance.  Manufacturers have all of those exposures and then some.

Manufacturers insurance protects your small business against a wide variety of unique circumstances and risks. Coverage is tailored to your specific industry and can include protection for your property, equipment and any injuries related to your business operations or products.


At Antalek & Moore, we make it a priority to help protect the manufacturing industry in the face of possible setbacks. We believe the manufacturing industry is an extremely valuable asset to our economy but the production and manufacturing of goods is highly complex and can result in a variety of unique and intricate risks. In order for your business to run successfully, you depend on the continued functionality of your property.  Any hiccup or delay can result in major financial setbacks.


Where would you find coverage for the product that went out your door and was flawed? Is there coverage, yes- Product Recall, but this is not standard, you have to purchase it.  What happened if there was a fire at your facility and you had to relocate, is there coverage for that? Yes, Business Income with extra expense. Those are just two examples of extra coverage a Manufacturer may need, and there are many, many more.    


Our licensed insurance agents work directly with carriers who specialize in providing effective coverage at affordable rates, based on the needs of your particular business. Together we can outline a Business Owners Policy that works for your company, including general liability, commercial property and auto, workers comp and more, as well as coverages specific to your manufacturing business, like protecting your equipment, your product, your employees and consumers.


Give us a call today to talk about your company’s needs. We can package together the various insurances you need to run your business efficiently and effectively while guarding your work and investments. We look forward to hearing from you and to learning about your business.



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