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Wage Theft Prevention Act

What is it and what does it mean for you and your employees?


In 2011 a law took effect, called the Wage Theft Prevention Act, that required businesses to give their employees written notice of wage rates at the time they are hired. This notice must be given to the employee in English, as well as, in the employee’s primary language.


What does this mean for you the employee?

When you are hired at a new job your employer is required to give you all the details about how you will be paid in writing. This should include how you’ll be getting paid, how overtime pay works, etc, so that you the employee have all the information needed to make sure you are getting the correct amount of money. The Wage Theft Protection Act is built to also protect any employee who reports their employer for breaking this law.


And what does this mean for you the employer?

When you hire a new employee you must disclose in writing all the details of how that employee will get paid. The notice must include:

  • Rate of pay including overtime rate of pay (if applicable)
  • How the employee is paid (hourly, by shift, by day, etc)
  • When regular payday is
  • Official name of employer, including any DBAs
  • Address and phone number of the employer’s principal location or main office
  • Allowances taken as a part of the minimum wage (tips, meals, lodging, etc)


The Department of Labor offers a form, in multiple languages, that employers can fill out and give to new employees, this form can be found here.

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