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Cyber Security Tips For Your Business

Cybersecurity for your small business begins with safely monitored digital practices and effective education and training among all employees. A consistent and thought out cyber security plan and education for all employees is the best way to be sure your business stays protected from harm on the web. To expand, we have some tips for you below, of how to remain protected. For any additional questions, comments and concerns do not hesitate to seek help from a professional to be sure you are taking the accurate precautions for protecting your business. 

Educate Yourself: Be sure to do your research on how to protect yourself, and do so from all angles. Come up with a plan for how you plan on protecting your business from unwanted cyber interaction and document it.  The National Cybersecurity and Communications Integration Center’s (NCCIC) website can help you create a cybersecurity plan for your business.

Employee Education: Once you are educated it is important to share your knowledge to your employees. Be sure to depict your intentions and concerns to each level of employees to be sure of a consistent follow through, essentially so each player is on the same page. As new employees join your team ensure safe practices and accurate information amongst all generations through training sessions, and refreshing sessions. 

Control Access: While each employee should have a solid understanding of the importance of cyber security in their individual role, only allow in depth access to your businesses information to authorized, trusted employees. Passwords should be protected and specific, and should only be given to those who need the protected information for their job duties. This includes access to confidential files, information, WiFi connection, and even company computers or other technological devices. 

Secured Wi-Fi Networks: The Wi-Fi network for your business should be hidden and secured with a specific password. If not, those in neighboring offices, or passersby might be allowed to connect to your network, causing unwanted traffic, enticing hackers to gain access to vital information. If your business with plenty of visitors, consider providing a public guest network. This will allow guests to connect to the internet, without the potential of accessing your primary internal network. 



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