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Protecting Man’s Best Friend

They are always there for you, let us help you be sure you can be there for them

Regardless if you identify as a dog person or cat person, have a love for horses, or smaller animals you want to be sure your furry friends are protected at all costs. However, if your pet runs ill or your concern for their health is growing a trip to a vet’s office might break your bank. This financial burden is an unfortunate reality for many pet owners. If you’ve ever found yourself making the decision between your pet’s health and your financial stability consider enrolling in pet insurance. Our consultants would be more than happy to help you find a solution that makes your pet, yourself (and bank account!) happy and healthy. 

From serious illnesses, broken leg or concerning cough, regardless of the severity any vet visit can ring in a hefty bill. Be sure your pet is covered for the treatment needed with Pet Insurance. Typical cancer treatments, for example, can run $5,000. Pet insurance is there for you and your pet in these situations. Some pet insurances include Pet’s Place, ASPCA, Embrace and Pet Plan-just to name a few. There are insurances that cover accidents only, accidents and illnesses, preventative policies to help your pet. Pet insurance often operates in a way that will reimburse you the bill of the vet, instead of providing deductibles. There also is typically an annual limit. If you have a lower annual limit, you will have a smaller monthly payment. To explain policies and insurance procedures be sure to stop by our office to speak with a representative about what coverage plan would best suit your needs as a pet owner.

If you worry about your pet’s future and health, protect them from the uncertainties of their world. Insure them a long healthy life, starting now with the help of our team.

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