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Snow Season’s Right Around the Corner

Every year Antalek & Moore Insurance Agency seems to run into an issue when October and November come around. 

We refer to it as Snow Season; even though it is still too warm to snow, it is time to bind insurance policies for companies that provide snow removal services.  We have been providing expertise in this industry for over 15 years and are members of Associations that serve these types of business.  

Unfortunately, in New York, the insurance market is limited, especially for snow contractors that provide services for large commercial real estate customers. We are talking about Big Box Stores, Shopping Malls, and Condominiums.  One of the hurdles we face in negotiations with insurance companies could be the Contractual Liability requirements the Snow Contractors’ Clients include.  Companies will provide snow coverage at a low rate, but the game tends to change when you ask for the contractual liability.  In a market like New York, there hasn’t been legislation passed to help Snow Contractors from unfair contract language or third party slips-and-fall claims, so the insurance market remains tight. 

The Snow Contractors we work with understand the seriousness of the contracts they are signing.  We are finally getting to see the insurance requirements before them submitting a proposal.  The Contractors know there is an insurance cost they must consider when submitting a bid.  While we are not attorneys and don’t give legal advice, we see the type of insurance requirements required and assist to the best of our ability, projecting an estimated insurance or risk factor. 

It was vital for Antalek & Moore to adapt to the changes in the marketplace.   We not only have to act as risk advisors but as an advocate for our clients as well.  Our job is to communicate the positive risk management changes that have been implemented into their operations to reduce the overall exposure.   We pride ourselves on being a dependable advisor who listens to our clients, helps them navigate the insurance side, and provides advice on the business side.  Our team helps prospective clients think about what types of standards they have internally; this includes documentation, pre-site planning, post-event planning, and utilizing technology to track storms and trucks at worksites.  

The Antalek & Moore Team is ready for another season. Let us assist you!


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