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Winter Storm Preparation

Planning and preparing can help make a difference in your and your family’s safety and wellness in the wake of a winter storm. 

As for the first snowstorm of the season is showing on the local radar, we found it timely to share tips to help keep you safe in the anticipated winter wonderland.   

Around your house:

  • Shovel light snow- light, fluffy, dry snow may allow for an easier time when it comes to shoveling your walks and driveway.  Be sure to bend from the knees and lift with your legs to help protect your back.  
  • Use a snowblower- to reduce the risk of injury, use a snowblower when possible on heaver, wet snow.  Be sure to follow all safety precautions at all times when operating a snowblower.
  • Remove snow from roofs when safe to do so- use caution and a roof rake in areas that you can safely access to help avoid build-up and possible ice dams.  
  • Don’t build up snow around your foundation- stay away from piling snow next to the side of your house.  This can help avoid issues the storm may bring, like freezing pipes and damage to your home’s foundation.  


While we advise staying off the roads during a storm, we understand that it is not always possible.  If travel is necessary:

  • Use precaution- road conditions can be unpredictable during and immediately after a storm.  
  • Take it slow- adjusting to a slower speed can help with lower traction when driving on snow and ice.  Take your time when at lights, stop signs, and intersection to stop and start. 
  • Give yourself extra room-  increase the distance between you and the car you are following to 5-6 seconds or two car lengths.  The longer distance will allow for the extended time that may be needed to stop.  
  • Keep moving if possible- don’t stop if you can avoid it.  It takes a lot less to move forward smoothly if still rolling versus starting from a full stop.  This is true, especially when traveling up hills. 
  • Be sure to prepare your vehicle- fill your gas tank, top off fluids, test your windshield wipers, have an emergency kit in your car.  These simple things can save you from possible accidents or injuries.  


Be sure to check your property after a storm.  Insurance claims can be an essential part of recovering from storm damage.  If you do experience a loss, reach out to your insurance agent as soon as possible to assist you in reviewing your coverage and beginning a claim if needed.  Our agency is here to help during regular office hours, Monday through Friday, 9 am – 5 pm, as well as emergency 24-hour service.  


We are happy to hop on a quick call and review our options with you