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Prepare Your Home for Spring

Spring Home Maintenance Tips

Warmer weather here in the Hudson Valley also serves as a reminder to check off items on your spring home maintenance list. 

Spring has arrived, which means the days of summer are on the horizon.  We’re sure we’re not alone when we say we are looking forward to nights on the patio, cookouts, and chasing fireflies.  Performing maintenance inside and outside your home now will help with more carefree days to enjoy your yard in the months ahead.  

Here are some items to include on your spring cleaning list:

Take a walk around your house for an overall inspection.  It may be a few months since you looked around- are there any loose shingles on your roof, paint chipping on your deck, or trees that may need to come down?  

Keep those gutters clean.  If you can safely reach them, grab a ladder and check your gutters for any debris.  Remove as much as you can with your hands (don’t forget your gloves!), and a quick flush of your downspouts with your hose will prove to be helpful as well.  

Check and clean your windows. Just like losing your heat in the winter, you want to be sure your cool air during the hot months ahead is not escaping.  Check your caulking and weather stripping to ensure it has remained intact.  Taking a few extra minutes to clean your windows will help that sunshine through.  A simple and effective homemade cleaning solution- combine one cup rubbing alcohol, one cup water, and a tablespoon of white wine vinegar and apply to your windows with a soft cloth for a streak-free shine.  

Replace your filters and check your vents.  This includes water, range hood, and air vent filters.  Be sure to check your dryer vents (both at the back of the dryer and outside at your dryer vent cover) as well as any foundation vents you may have along your foundation walls.  You want to be sure that your vents are free and clear and allowing for proper air filtration.  

Clean your grill.  There’s no better feeling than firing up your grill for the first burgers and dogs of the season.  Be sure you are ready by wiping down the outside of any dust and dirt as well as giving the inside a good scrub to remove any build-up or rust on your burners.  New charcoal for the season?  Be sure to burn off the coals for 30-45 minutes before your first grilling for the best results.  

Check your deck & patios.  Look for warped, loose, or splintered boards that could cause injury.  Sweep any decking to remove any debris that may have landed between boards.  If you have a stone patio, a simple spray down with your hose can help contain loose gravel as well.  

Test your smoke alarms.  We cannot stress enough the importance of how a quick test of smoke alarms and CO detectors can save your life.  The few minutes it takes to test and change batteries is one of the best protection you have for you and your family.  

Taking the time to do these steps now will help you protect your home in the months ahead and ensure you get to enjoy your time in the summer months ahead.


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