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Protecting your business in the information age

The technology landscape has changed drastically over the past decade, resulting in a faster, more efficient way of managing a business. But with that speed and efficiency comes a whole new set or risks, from which all New York businesses must be mindful of staying protected.

Cyber security poses a tremendous threat to any New York business, big or small. A data breach can result in financial loss, customer-base loss, and damage to your company’s reputation. While you may think you’re protected from online threats through a traditional liability policy, these types of intricate claims require a New York cyber insurance policy to ensure your business is sufficiently protected.

There are two types of losses your business is privy to in the face of a cyber threat: a first party loss (any loss suffered directly by your business), or a third party loss (liability you face to an outside party). A New York cyber insurance policy provides coverages to protect you in both loss cases.

Cyber insurance policy coverage includes:

First Party Losses
  • Loss of revenue due to business interruption
  • Data replacement and system rectification costs
  • Public relations expenses
  • Financial loss due to cyber extortion
  • Increased costs to minimize business interruption
Third Party Losses
  • Privacy infringements
  • Exploitation of private information
  • Negligent digital content
  • Defamation, libel, or slander
  • Virus transmission

We know a conversation about proper cyber insurance can be complex. Our certified New York agents are here to help – give us a call to make sure your business is protected.


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