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General Liability Insurance from Friendly New York Insurance Professionals

Accidents happen. In today’s litigious society, odds are if an accident happens on your business’s property or due to the services you are providing, you will find yourself in the middle of an expensive lawsuit. With legal fees, defense costs, settlements, and medical costs, your New York business may struggle to stay afloat. General liability insurance coverage can help defray many of these expenses.

There are many types of accidents that can occur that will leave your business legally liable for the damages. Some common examples include:

  • A customer trips and falls on your premises, sustaining injuries requiring medical treatment.
  • Your employee accidentally damages your client’s property on a job site.
  • A hot plate in the office kitchen causes a fire resulting damage to your rented office space.

Because all businesses face these risks, insurance experts recommend that New York businesses invest in general liability insurance to better protect against these and other common situations.

New York Business Owners Policy

For many businesses, general liability coverage can be affordably obtained in a Business Owners Policy, known as a BOP.  By combining liability and property coverage, along with other optional coverage, these policies typically offer lower prices on the insurance coverages most businesses require. Not all businesses need to be written with a Commercial Package Policy, BOP’s are a great option if your business fits the parameters.

Possible Safety Discounts

A safe business is less likely to have claims filed against their general liability policy, which can bring down your premium costs. Businesses that establish safety protocols, complete training courses, follow best practices, and take other measures to reduce risk may be eligible for premium credits. Because a safe business is the ultimate goal, ask your agent about what steps you can take to improve your safety and quality for discounts on your insurance policy.


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