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Enjoy the freedom of your RV, from New York to California

Your motorhome or RV brings a lot of joy to your life – camping trips, family road trips across New York, and the freedom to see the country whenever and however you please.

With that joy can come some worries. A motorhome is an investment; one that requires special maintenance and upkeep, and is exposed to a variety of different risks. It’s important to protect your investment with proper coverage from a New York motorhome insurance policy.


A standard New York motorhome insurance policy includes collision and liability coverage. One of our agents will work directly with you to determine which of these additional coverages also makes sense.

At Antalek & Moore, we help to make the motorhome insurance process as seamless as possible, so you can continue enjoying the open road. One of our certified New York personal insurance agents can work with you to help you understand the types of risks your motorhome is exposed to, and what types of motorhome insurance coverages can help protect you from those risks.

Call us or set up an appointment to learn more about what makes each member of our team a dynamic resource for your New York or national insurance needs.

Comprehensive Coverage

Coverage that accounts for damage to your vehicle not resulting from an accident, including theft and vandalism.

Full-Time Coverage

This coverage includes a higher level of protection if you are using your motorhome as a full-time residence.

Personal Effects Coverage

Protecting your personal property on board your motorhome.




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