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Get more pleasure out of your pleasure craft!

Boating is one of the true enjoyments of summer. When the sun is out, the water is calm, and you’re at the helm in one of New York’s beautiful lakes or rivers, there really is nothing better. Whether you love to fish, are an avid sailor, or just like to cruise, boating is made better when you aren’t worrying about boat insurance.


While spending time on the water is a rewarding hobby, it can also be a dangerous place. The water is unpredictable, no matter how diligent you are. Enjoying New York boating to its fullest means making sure you have the right New York boat insurance.

While boating may seem like any other hobby, it’s key to remember there is great risk involved. Our trained New York property and liability agents will help you account for that risk, and will make sure you and your vessel are covered should an accident happen.

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We offer two types of boat insurance for your New York watercraft:

Liability Insurance

Boating liability insurance is very similar to auto insurance. This kind of boat insurance will cover expenses for legal defense and court-ordered damages or settlement expenses should be at fault in a boating accident.

You can choose to enhance your liability insurance to cover medical expenses, fuel spills, and watersport-related activities.

Physical Damage to your Boat

This type insurance protects you from any losses occurring to your actual boat. If your boat is damaged in a boating accident or damaged while docked, physical damage coverage accounts for repair costs as well as any losses to your personal belongings on board.


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