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Because they’re more than just a pet

If you own a pet, you know just how important he or she is to your family dynamic. While your pet brings an immeasurable amount of joy to your life, keeping a pet healthy can be a costly and emotional challenge.

A New York pet insurance policy helps to protect you from financial burdens and to weather the stress of dealing with sick pets. While veterinary services have gotten more advanced, certain vet procedures, emergency visits, and animal medication can come at a hefty price.

Since we know having a pet has been proven to improve mental and even physical health in humans, it only makes sense that protecting yourself from while protecting your pet with a New York pet insurance policy be a top priority.

One of our trained New York personal lines agents is ready to talk to you about helping to keep you financially prepared for your pet’s needs. Give us a call or send us an email to discuss a New York pet insurance policy – even better, send us photos of your furry friends!


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