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Protecting all of the great work you do

The work of our New York non profit companies is an extraordinarily important part of our community. We are grateful to be part of such meaningful efforts, whether through volunteer services or helping to protect businesses within the New York non profit sector with non profit insurance.

We understand that the mission of each non profit organization is an essential part of making our world a better place, and achieving that mission requires a great deal of time, effort, and financial resources. At Antalek & Moore, we’re committed to helping to make that mission just a little bit easier. Our certified New York agents can help you find a comprehensive and reliable non profit insurance policy that fits all of your organization’s needs, without breaking the bank.

A non profit insurance policy helps protect your organization from a variety of risks, including stolen personal identifiable information to business continuation in case of a loss. Our agents have years of experience serving the non-profit insurance needs of New York non profits, and work directly with specialized carriers to create a policy tailored to your organization’s needs.

Our most common types of New York non profit insurance coverages include:


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