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Because protecting where you live is important

A home is still a home, whether you rent or buy. It’s where you house your family, your valuables, and where you rest your head at night. When accident or disaster happens concerning your New York home or apartment, you can be faced with some major financial challenges.

At Antalek & Moore, we assess your needs for a New York renters insurance policy with the same level of care we take when looking at a homeowners policy. The end result of both involves protecting the living situations and finances of our valued New York customers.

The components of a New York renters insurance policy are very similar to that of a homeowners policy. A standard renters insurance policy provides both property and liability coverage.

Personal Property

This coverage protects the contents of your home. One of our certified New York personal insurance agents can help you structure this coverage on a replacement cost basis, so that you are covered for the amount of loss if theft or destruction occurs. For high value items, like jewelry and some electronics, you may need to schedule them on your policy in order to get the proper amount of replacement cost coverage.

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Loss of Use

This coverage takes care of the cost of alternate living arrangements should you need to relocate temporarily due to damage to your home. It’s expected that your living expenses might increase, for example, by staying in a hotel, should you have to leave your home temporarily.


This coverage protects you from the financial burden of legal defense or court-ordered settlement payments in the event that someone becomes injured in your home. Common injury examples are dog bites and people tripping and falling.

Medical Expenses

Coverage that protects you from medical expenses as a result of someone being injured in your home.


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