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“We have been insured with Antalek & Moore for almost 15 years and couldn’t be happier. Business insurance can be a scary subject. Antalek & Moore took the time to explain everything to us. They were there every step of the way. They offer the latest technology if we feel like communicating via e-mail, text, or we can just walk into their agency and voice our concerns face to face.  They are addressed immediately with an understanding representative. The staff is always happy to see you, and they work together as a team to meet all your insurance needs. You could say they are a boutique insurance agency, proactively engaging with clients better than anyone in the industry. We highly recommend them!”

-Michael Benzer and John Gilvey

Hudson Beach Glass

“I started More Good from behind a bar five years ago. We’ve come a long way since then, and every step of the way Antalek & Moore has been there to help us meet the challenges of a rapidly growing startup. Whether it’s the smallest of requests or analyzing our needs for strategic decisions and new services, the level of service provided by Antalek & Moore is unrivaled. Frankly, we couldn’t have done it without them.”

-Jason Schuler

Founder | CEO | Goodmaker

More Good

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“I have had the pleasure of having my personal insurance with Antalek & Moore for over 15 years.  When I made the decision to open my own business, A&M was one of my first calls. They have been there from the beginning and more importantly, they continue to be there to give me guidance as my business grows.  I know Susan, Vince, Kathy, and Terry all have my best interest in mind. The proactive and professional insurance service they provide for my personal and professional life on top of being a local agency that I can call anytime there is a need makes all the difference”

-Kate Rabe


Marketing Inbound

“I have been a customer of Antalek & Moore since 1988 – and I’ve always considered myself “satisfied” with their service. But when a massive “macro-burst” storm decimated the hamlet of Chelsea in May 2018, that’s when I truly realized the value of having my insurance entrusted to a respected, responsive and caring local agent. From the minute the storm struck until the last of more than $25,000 worth of repairs were made to my home, the professionals at A & M were there with me every step of the way with advice, support and genuine concern. Now I realize the full value proposition of insurance — and this agency’s commitment to their neighbors.”

-Denise VanBuren

Chelsea, NY

“Their friendly way of doing business always makes you feel like you’re #1.  They are quick to respond and always find the answer when we have a question.  Antalek & Moore is our best choice for any insurance needs.”

-Steve Miller

Beacon, NY

“Antalek & Moore Insurance Agency maintains the old-fashioned family-style approach to taking care of their clients.  They understand the fundamentals of insurance and have helped us make sure we are covered at our comfort level.”

-Judith Papo

Poughquag, NY

“Securing home, car and business insurance with the agents at Antalek & Moore gives me peace of mind. I have someone on my side should something happen, and I need an advocate to help me through a claim with a big insurance company. If my car breaks down, I call Travelers, the insurance company, and they set up the tow, no problem. If I need to file a claim, I know that Antalek & Moore is in my corner to make sure Travelers does what they need to.

Business insurance was too daunting for me to consider until I sat with Susan to go over things and find a plan. Vince has the years-long experience I trust to make great recommendations, and Terry is always there to find me a better deal if my car insurance needs to get trimmed. If I were having a big event, Antalek & Moore are the first people I’d call for insurance coverage.”

-Katie Hellmuth Martin

Publisher, Writer, Designer

A Little Beacon Blog

“Antalek & Moore has serviced my personal and business insurance for years. This is a professional agency that takes the time to sit with me and determine the best coverage for my needs. Peace of mind is given to me so I can spend my time on my clients during my hectic days!”

-Kevin Davis



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